Hunt for Space Treasure
LandRocker is a cross-platform MMO where the players explore and dig planets to find valuable materials.

Within the massive universe
there is a
hoard of treasure

While others are uncovering the treasure hidden in different parts of the planets, try your luck and dig! Treasure is widely distributed on the planets. Get a move on not to fall behind.

Venture awaits you

Embark on an adventure to find gold nuggets, Nickel, Iron, and other valuable stones that are distributed widely on different planets in exploration modes.

Equip yourself for battle

Grab whatever you need out of the loot boxes available in battle zones and win the battle. You might find Energy Packs, Energy Shields, Speed boosters, different weapons, wings, and special abilities.

LandRocker Drone

Hunter becomes the hunted

Engage in battles and tournaments to earn an enviable reputation while taking a ticket to deep space for space mining. You can play individually or as a team.

Smart contracts do not
breathe a word!

Trust Smart Contracts. Valuables are kept out of sight with the help of Smart Contracts and Hash Codes. Follow your curiosity, plant your flag and dig till you drop!

Finders, Keepers

Cryptographic methods are used for the broad distribution of space resources across the planets. This distinguishing feature of our distribution method guarantees that treasure remains hidden in unique places that nobody is aware of but the ones who find them!

Choose a big storage
before you dig!

After harvesting precious space resources, you can save the equivalent amount of rewards in your wallet or change them into cryptocurrencies in the open market.

What you need most
is time!

Timed tickets are the most precious achievements in battle modes that players could fight for. With a timed ticket, you will be able to explore planets to find valuable stones and enrich your game experience.

Countdown to alpha lunch