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LandRocker is a play-to-earn online multiplayer game based on blockchain technology where players can engage in fierce PvP battles, nail-biting vehicle races and most exciting of all – earn crypto!

Earn exploration tickets which can be used to launch expeditions to Smart Contract generated planets where vast fortunes of crypto tokens are hidden using zero-knowledge calculations.

Feel like playing it safe? You can sell those tickets alongside a number of other in-game assets directly to other players on the NFT marketplace.

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Episode 1 | LandRocker
Mars Domination
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Episode 1 | LandRocker
Mars Domination
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Explore New Worlds, Discover New Possibilities

The universe has many stories waiting to be told.

Where you fit into the story is up to you.

Join a faction and fight alongside your friends to carve your name into the history books. Create your own destiny through the choices you make.

Trust and clarity with blockchain

In our advanced blockchain economy, finders are keepers. Through the use of cryptographic methods, the distribution of resources across planets is done fairly and in a way that only those that find them can be certain of their unique locations. WONDER HOW?


Earn, buy and sell unique digital assets that can be found in LandRocker. You can use these crypto collectibles to gain benefits and recognition in game, or you can cash out by trading them in the open market. INTERESTED?

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