Smart Contract Transaction

Our Unique Economy

LandRocker is integrated with the emerging real-world decentralized economy to provide a unique experience for the players. With the economy as the focal point, LandRocker is not only a game, it is also an expanding economic system that comes with its very own market. All the crypto coins that players find in the game will have real-world value and solely belong to them to do with as they wish

Coins are algorithmically and autonomously distributed all over the game’s universe. No one (including developers) is aware of their location until the moment that players dig a block. After that, our DAO-based economic system calculates the total hidden coins available on that block and automatically accumulates them in a player’s in-game wallet.

Players can transfer any amount of coin they find into their external wallets such as WAX, Scatter, and likewise. Or, use them to upgrades their equipments and ease their way to find more coins.