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Hunt For Hidden NFTs, Tokens and Crafting Elements

Launch expeditions to far away planets and mine them for valuable resources hidden using blockchain technology. Upgrade your Launch Pad, Telescope and Mining Rover to increase your mining efficiency and reach planets no has ever set foot on!

Crafting System

LandRocker features a unique NFT crafting system that lets players mint new NFTs using the materials they find while mining. These NFTs can be used to upgrade your launchpad, space shuttle, and mining vehicle. All in-game NFTs will be tradeable on the NFT marketplace.

Use the fuel you earn from Metaverse activities to launch expeditions to beautifully generated worlds rich with hidden crypto-currency. The distribution of the coins in Exploration is done randomly meaning their locations are truly unknown.

Customize your XCAVATOR to mine more efficiently and make the most of the Exploration tickets you earn.