Mars Marvel City beta

Mars Marvel City was created as a research facility after scientists discovered the existence of alien technologies under the surface of Mars, in an area they have since named U-Hub. Two groups of humans, the Rockeneers and Lantenders, battle over control of this self-sustaining city and race to uncover the secrets U-Hub holds.


Living space and recreational areas for staff and residents. You will also find the primary control room here, which controls the defense shield for Mars Marvel City.


Facilities crucial to the supply chain of Mars Marvel City, where all equipment and defense systems are made.


The heart of scientific research in the city, where experiments are conducted on the alien technologies found in U-Hub.

A sketch of mars city.


A sketch of mars city.

Provides shelter from the strong winds and dust storms on Mars. The dome also provides air and water filtration for the base.


This area houses all equipment related to communication and navigation. You will also find security related equipment here, such as cameras which watch over the entire city.


A sketch of mars city.

Series of solar panels are set up here to harness the solar energy and convert it into electricity to power the base.


The primary mining location for materials needed in the Laboratory, Factory and Dome. The mine also houses the entrance to U-Hub.

A sketch of mars city.


A sketch of mars city.

The reason Mars Marvel City was created, and the source of disagreement between Rockeneers and Lantenders. Mysterious unknown technology was discovered here. The origins and function are unknown. Researching the technology here is crucial to uncovering the secrets of our universe.