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LandRocker is an online multiplayer gaming metaverse that allows players to experience the future possibilities of space exploration, enabling them to visit distant planets, compete with one another in battles and space races, and most exciting of all, mine for valuable digital assets built upon the Solana network.

LandRocker blends traditional gaming elements with blockchain mechanics to create an ecosystem that allows players to extract real-world value from the time they spend in-game.

Blockchain Mechanics

  1. In-game governance and utility tokens
  2. Built on Solana blockchain
  3. NFT asset ownership
  4. NFT marketplace for player-to-player exchanges
  5. Earning via planetary mining
  6. Smart contract execution for asset distribution
  7. Earning via staking


1-Story Overview

The human desire to explore space and our neighbouring planets increased dramatically at the beginning of the 21st century as nations raced to land humans on Mars for the first time in our history. We were hungry to uncover the secrets that another planet could reveal. Nations ramped up their spending with China and the United States setting firm goals to reach Mars by the year 2033. Technological advancements along with new funding opportunities opened up through the growth of Blockchain technology made this goal possible. A ship was launched in the spring of 2033 as a joint effort between the United States, Russia and China, with astronauts from each nation on board. They reached the surface of Mars seven months later. The achievement invigorated the hunger to push our limits of space exploration. It gave humanity the confidence to expand our reach into the stars.

Over the coming years, budgets increased exponentially and millions of Bitcoin were spent establishing a second International Space Station in low-orbit of Mars. Dozens of scientists lived year round on this space station conducting research on the red giant. As technology improved, they discovered new signs of water near the Olympus Mons volcano on the surface of Mars. Manned rover missions were launched in an effort to discover the source of these signals. In the year 2040 a team of scientists successfully located the source, but it wasn’t just water they found. They stumbled upon the existence of alien technology hidden under the surface of Mars unlike any technology we had ever seen before. Instead of physical circuits with electricity running through them, the equipment was biological in nature and had water circulating through it. They named the underground facility U-Hub. The discovery excited the entire world, and again there was a huge increase in spending to further develop our operations on Mars.

Nations worked together to send resources from Earth in order to build a permanent research base at U-Hub, and in 2042 the construction of Mars Marvel City was complete. The base was fully self-sustaining, with its own generators, food production and manufacturing facilities, medical centers and research facilities. For the first time in history humans began to live and work permanently from the surface of another planet. Differences of nationality were soon forgotten, as the residents of Mars Marvel City considered themselves all unified as citizens of Earth instead of their respective nations, and they worked tirelessly together to uncover the mysteries of the alien equipment.

As their research progressed however, there were differences in opinion on how best to study the foreign technology. Pressure and tensions rose and eventually two factions emerged from the disagreements – the Rockeneers and the Lantenders.


Players will pledge allegiance to one of these two factions and battle over control of Mars Marvel City through in-game seasons. Data from gameplay will shape the future of the story, as the main plotline progresses in favour of the faction which is on top at the end of any given season.

  • Lantenders: They believe despite all the damage humanity has done to the planet, it’s not too late to save Earth. They focus all their efforts on improving the quality of life and reversing the damage done. They know the task is extremely difficult, but they feel they owe it to all past and future generations. The Lantenders have sworn an oath to protect the future of Earth and are very conscious of the impact of their actions. They seek to stop the Rockeneers from harnessing the power of the alien technology before irreversible damage is done.
  • Rockeneers: They believe that due to over-population and pollution, it is too late to save Earth – that the only hope for humanity is to focus on colonizing other planets. They have already accepted that life on Earth is a lost cause, and they are willing to do anything in their power to make sure humanity carries on elsewhere. They are not concerned of the damage they do along the way, taking advantage of whoever and whatever resource available to achieve their goal. They firmly believe that only the strongest humans deserve to survive, and that the weak should be left behind. The Rockeneers believe that key to expanding humanity’s reach into space is inside the alien technology found on Mars, and they are determined to uncover it as soon as possible.

3-Story Progression

The LandRocker story will develop through multiple channels in parallel.
I. In-game story progression of major plotline elements revealed periodically on a seasonal basis

  • Mars – Chapter 1 Part 1
  • Mercury – Chapter 1 Part 2
  • Venus – Chapter 1 Part 3
  • Jupiter – Chapter 1 Part 4
  • Saturn – Chapter 1 Part 5
  • Uranus – Chapter 1 Part 6
  • Neptune – Chapter 1 Part 7
  • Far Galaxy – Chapter 2
  • Multiverse – Chapter 3
  • The Truth – Chapter 4

II. Periodic comics will be released which not only progress the main storyline, but also follow a number of intersecting side stories and characters which stand to paint a stronger picture of the overall universe of LandRocker.

4-Gameplay Mechanics

Players will play alongside their faction members and compete across multiple vehicle-based game modes, earning seasonal points for their faction and earning rewards in multiple forms.

I. Game Modes

  • A. Battle Modes – High-intensity PvP battles across a variety of game types.
    • Domination – fight for control of planetary bases, beginning with Mars Marvel City in 5v5, 7v7 and 10v10 multiplayer battles
    • Battle Royale – work alone or with a small team to outlast your opponents and be the last one standing
    • Kill-Zone
    • Capture the Flag
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Control Points
    • Sudden Death
    • Co-op
  • B. Race Modes – Maneuver your way through challenging land and air race courses to outpace your opponents and finish first.
  • C. Exploration Mode – Travel to Smart Chain generated planets and mine for tokens, crafting materials, and other digital assets.

II. Rewards

A. Crafting Materials – Rare and valuable materials used for crafting, which are crucial for increasing the efficacy of player-owned vehicles, hubs and crafting stations.
B. Exploration Tickets – These tickets will be distributed as NFTs and held in player-owned wallets. They can be used to launch mining expeditions to smart chain generated planets rich with hidden digital assets.



I. Exploration & Mining

  • A. Exchange tickets to travel to Smart Chain generated planets and mine with your player-owned excavation vehicle for hidden treasure. Find crafting materials, unique NFTs and utility tokens
  • B. Planets are generated for a limited period of time, and rewards are hidden using zero-knowledge algorithms so no one can predict their locations
  • C. All rewards collected are transferred directly to player-owned wallets when exploration is concluded.
  • D. When the timer runs out, the planet will be destroyed and all unfound treasures is lost.

II. Crafting

  • A. Players can upgrade components of their vehicle to improve different aspects and ultimately make their mining more efficient.
  • B. Crafting stations will be used to create these upgrades, and player will exchange crafting materials along with utility token fees in order to do so.
    • (Overview of elemental system, periodic table for our crafting system – coming soon)
    • Craft by assembling different combinations of the 8 crafting elements mineable in Exploration Mode
    • Craftable items include Vehicles, Engines, Tires, Shield Generators, Batteries/Fuel Cells, Storage, Mining Tools, Radars and Sensors.
    • There is an element of randomization when crafting occurs which ensures a high level of uniqueness to the items you craft, which in turn ensures high diversity of unique NFT items available on the marketplace.
  • C. Crafted items will be stored as NFTs in player-owned wallets. They can be applied to rovers in game or sold to other players via the NFT marketplace.


6- NFT Ownership & Marketplace

In-game assets of LandRocker will be issued as NFTs and entirely owned by players. These NFT items include:

I. Vehicles

  • i. Functional Upgrades
  1. Upgrade Slots
    • a. Engine – Speed, Energy Consumption, Health Boost
    • b. Tires – Speed, Traction/Grip
    • c. Shield Generator – Shield Capacity, Recharge Rate, Recharge Delay
    • d. Battery/Fuel Cell – Energy Supply, Health Boost, Penalty to Speed
    • e. Storage – Capacity, Health Boost, Penalty to Speed
    • f. Mining Tool – Power, Range, Hits/sec, Energy Consumption
    • g. Radar – Range, Refresh Rate, Energy Consumption
      • i. Types of data shown – loot, enemies, enemy details, types of materials
  2. Stat Categories
    • a. Health
    • b. Shields
    • c. Movement Speed
    • d. Energy Supply
    • e. Storage Capacity
    • f. Mining Tool
    • g. Radar
    • h. Sensors
  • ii. Cosmetics

II. Hub System

  • i. Organizational chart coming soon
  • ii. Player owned hub system which generates revenue for owner via multiple channels
  • iii. Two primary components – garages & crafting stations
  1. Garages – players who want to launch mining expeditions will need to own/rent a garage from hub owner in order to do so. Hubs will be available via LandRocker’s initial NFT asset sale in varying sizes (# of garage spaces)
    • a. Hub owner will receive a profit share of all assets found by players using their garages during exploration mode
    • b. This profit share is decided by the hub owner and is made as an agreement between the hub owner and players using the hub
    • c. The division of found assets is done through smart contracts
  2. Crafting Stations – Hub owners will also control the crafting stations needed to turn crafting materials into usable NFT items such as rover upgrades
    • a. Hubs will begin with an entry level crafting station
    • b. Crafting stations can be upgraded by hub owner using utility tokens in order to unlock more potential craftable recipes
    • c. Hub owner will retain a portion of the utility tokens consumed during crafting. They will have control of how much they charge on top of the set crafting fees for each transaction.

III. Galaxies

  • i. Players can own a part of the LandRocker universe in the form of NFT galaxies which will be available in the initial asset offering
  • ii. All mining expeditions will take place in one of the player owned galaxies, and the owner of the host galaxy will earn a percentage of all found resources and tokens
  • iii. As the metaverse develops, the uses of galaxies will increase
    • 1. Addition of space stations to galaxies, where players can invite others to interact and engage in user-created content, socialize, trade and more
    • 2. SDK for user-generated content to be built on the surface of planets within their galaxy

IV. Exploration Tickets – These tickets can be consumed in order to launch mining expeditions

Ownership of all NFT assets will be retained by the players, and they will maintain control over these assets. They can be used in game or sold and traded on the NFT marketplace.

LandRocker team will retain 5% of all transactions made on the NFT marketplace, with the remainder going directly to the seller.

Players will also be able to customize and distribute their own NFTs into the market, following LandRocker team approval, giving players the opportunity to create and profit off their own cosmetic creations.

IAO details coming soon.

7- [NAME TBA] Token (Utility)

LandRocker will launch a multi-use crypto token which will initially be available via IDO/IEO, and will be discoverable as rewards during mining expeditions.

  • I. In-game uses
    • i. Crafting
    • ii. Hub upgrades
  • II. Exchange
    • i. Can be sold directly to peers via exchanges
  • III. Utility Tokenomics Chart – coming soon

8- [NAME TBA] Token (Governance)

Players must hold a minimum of 1 governance token in their connected wallet in order to play LandRocker.

  • I. Uses:
    • Governance rights – holding tokens will give players voting rights in order to decide the future development of LandRocker.
    • Staking – Players are able to stake governance tokens through LandRocker to earn profit in the form of utility tokens.
  • II. Governance Tokenomics Chart – coming soon

9- Staking

Players can stake governance tokens to earn rewards in the form of LandRocker’s utility token.

Further in development, players will be able to stake other major tokens via LandRocker in order to earn APY as well as LandRocker specific rewards such as additional utility tokens and unique NFT items. Details of these staking mechanic will be shared at a later date.

10- LandRocker Economics

I. Coming Soon

11- Our Vision

  • I. Development roadmap
    • i. Concept born in 2017
    • ii. Development began in 2018 for mining mode
    • iii. Playable version ready for 2019 on mobile
    • iv. Expansion of game development to include other PvP modes thru 2020-2021
    • v. Playable Beta version ready in Q3 2021
    • vi. Q1 2022 – Initial Asset Offering + Token Offering
    • vii. Q2 2022 – Early Access launch
  • II. Long Term project vision
    • i. Introduce voting via governance token ownership
    • ii. Planet generation via staking
    • iii. Expansion of the metaverse




Q1 – Concept and R&D

Q2 – Began early testing on Ethereum blockchain

Q3 – Developed system capable of generating planets and communicating with offline chain


Q1 – Prototype of game as mobile app using Ethereum and EOS

Q2 – Addition of multiplayer support

Q3 – Testing DOT to improve performance

Q4 – First economic approach to token generation


Q1 – Improved Proof of Location algorithm to further support multiplayer

Q2 – Began cross-platform development

Q3 – First desktop version of Exploration Mode

Q4 – Connect WAX blockchain for improved performance and wallet support


Q1 – Platform change to support additional consoles

Q2 – Addition of Battle Modes and online Player vs Player gameplay

Q3 – Smart Contract written to handle the hiding of tokens without any possibility to track them

Q4 – Testing and balancing in-game economy


Q1 – New seed-based approach to planet generation

Q2 – Testing on additional blockchains (Cardano, Solana, Binance, Polygon)

Q3 – Addition of Crafting and NFT asset management to our play-to-earn ecosystem

Q4 – Closed Beta Testing, First Animated Comic release


Q1 – Initial Exchange Offering & Initial Asset Offering

Q2 – Early Access Launch

Q3 – Governance Token Staking and Voting Rights

Q4 – Support for Android and iOS


Q1 – Expansion of Metaverse

Q2 – Planet Generation via Staking


The LandRocker whitepaper is a work in progress and subject to change, official version coming soon.